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Wars of the Roses LIVE!

Wars of the Roses

The new show is set to bring to life the thirty year strong civil war between House of Lancaster and House of York through jousting, stunt riding, pyrotechnics and special effects. Here’s what we can tell you (for now).

Wars of the Roses live is going to be the most epic, exciting and intense jousting show we’ve EVER put on.


Yep, we heard you – watching a jousting show from the other side of the river isn’t epic enough. So this time, we’ve built a totally unique arena for our guests to get as close to the action as possible. True to the Wars of the Roses, we’re asking you to choose your side before you take your stand in the arena; will you choose to support red or white? Lancaster or York?

Not only will you be stood in a 2,000 people strong arena to watch the jousting, we thought we’d throw in a few added extras. How do sword fighting, stunt riding and soaring Eagles sound? Pretty epic if you ask us!


This isn’t your normal joust with just one battle and one winner, we’ve ramped up the excitement by 1455% (do you like what we did there?).  You’ll journey through 30 years of history as two sides of the same fractured family battle, besiege and betray each other as the Wars of the Roses unfolds before your eyes. Witness the splintering of lances and the thunder of hooves as joust after joust, one of the most exciting periods in British history plays out.


To make the experience even more intense, we’ve added a brand new and improved sound system which will totally immerse you in the heat of battle. Feel the bass rumbling at your feet and audio booming from every direction as the show takes place. We’ve combined this with special effects and pyrotechnics - you’ll encounter one of the most intense shows we’ve ever put on!

Keep your eyes peeled on our social media for more updates as Wars of the Roses live prepares to charge into action.

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