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Workshops & Tours

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Warwick Castle for Learning

Warwick Castle offers a wide range of workshops and tours for early years and KS1 - KS4. Read our guide below to learn more!

All tours and workshops last 30 minutes. Those tours and workshops that appear at more than one key stage are adapted to suit.

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Workshops & Tours

Schools 23

Ultimate Kids tour

Assisted by medieval costume and props your class will explore the castle of old and the various areas and functions of the castle, from the ammonites in the Great Hall floor to the mighty Barbican and Gatehouse.

Castle Life

In this workshop, your class will grind corn, spin cotton and learn a medieval game as they explore what life was like for everyday castle folk.


Curriculum links

  • Significant historical events, people and places in their locality.
  • Similarities and differences between ways of life in different periods.

Tours & Workshops led by a castle historian cost £2.50 per student, those led by a costumed character cost £4.00 per student.


We offer workshops for all key stages to enhance your education at Warwick Castle. Each workshop comes with worksheets for the day and support materials for lessons before and after your visit.

KS 1-4+ History/Stem

£2.50 per pupil.

With the aid of historical props, costumes and real-life stories, our knowledgeable team will immerse your class in over 950 years of English history and the role played by Warwick Castle

Click here for detailed workshop information and key stage links

KS2-4+ History.

£4 per pupil

Immerse your class in Medieval Life and Warfare taken to the next level, where honour and duty counts and there is a strict Hierarchy.

Self-Guided Tours


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