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360 Tour

Click here to experience Warwick Castle in 360 views!

See the Castle in 360

History Unlocked: Video Library

We're lifting the portcullis on some of the castle's secrets in our new range of video facts with our dedicated experts.

Packed with intriguing facts and hidden stories about Warwick Castle, each video covers a different topic around the history of the castle.

Quick Facts: Join Melissa, Head of Historical Interpretation, for short snippets of secrets from the castle's rich history.

Tours: Join us for a video of 1 minute or more, looking at anything from the defences of a castle to how Princess Florence keeps busy staying at home.

What secrets will you uncover?


Castle Defences

5 minute tour

How would medieval armies have attacked and defended Warwick Castle? Join one of our expert history team as they examine the methods that might have been used to attack, focusing in particular on the castle’s powerful barbican and gatehouse.

Castle Istock 000002861638 Lowres

Towers & Ramparts

1 minute tour

Join us for a climb up the towers and ramparts. Check out those views!

DSC 4190

Birds of Prey Training

1 minute video

How do you train over 10 different species of Bird of Prey, with wingspans of up to 9 ft?! Our Falconers have been busy working dawn till dusk training and taking care of these magnificent birds - take a look!

DSC 4190

Peregrene Falcon Training

1.30 minute watch

How do you train one of the fastest animals in the world? James, our Falconer, explains!

State Dining Room & Axminster

The State Dining Room

Quick Fact

Which royal guests had dinner there?

Great Hall Empty (10)

The Great Hall

Quick Fact

Discover a hidden gem!

View Of Mound From Guy's Tower

The Castle's Oldest Feature

Quick Fact

Can you guess what the oldest feature of Warwick Castle is?

Arial Castle Lowres

Bear & Clarence Tower

Quick Fact

Discover the additions King Richard III made to the castle.


The Towers

Quick Fact

What did where you stayed in the castle say about status in medieval times?

Ladies Room Bright

The Powder Ball

Quick Fact

What was it and who took part?


The Ditch

Quick Fact

What was it actually filled with?

Arial Castle Lowres

Hidden Cinema

Quick Fact

Who created the hidden cinema?

Disclaimer: please note most videos featured were shot prior to the UK Government's stay-at-home guidelines.