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Festival of Archery - Test Your Archery Terminology

  • Friday February 3rd 2023
  • Vineeta

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Our experts are ready to take over the castle and put their skills to the test in a series of exhilarating performances as bows bend and arrows soar right in front of your eyes.

Test your archery terminology with these fun facts: 

Images of archery

Archers would never ‘fire’ their arrows, instead they say ‘loose’ when the arrow leaves the bow!

Did you know… 

You were encouraged to practice your bow as often as possible even on a Sunday and Holy days when games and activities were normally not allowed. They were so effective that the Church almost banned them but due to their usefulness this was ignored. 

DSC 9584 Lowres

DSC 9617 Lowres

And the Longbow wasn’t even called a longbow at the time, not even a war bow, but simply referred to as ‘wooden bow.’ 

If you’re feeling inspired with these fun facts, come and join us at have-a-go archery* where you can put your own skills to the test!  

*An additional charge applies.  

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