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We want to make a visit to Warwick Castle accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Use the information below to plan a day that suits your individual needs.

Important information for any guests planning to visit.

We are currently awaiting a replacement part for our wheelchair lift therefore, regrettably, our lift is currently not functioning.

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Warwick Castle is an iconic heritage site where you can experience the fun of real history through immersive attractions and spectacular live entertainment. 

  • We're committed to inclusivity and aim to make our experiences as accessible as possible.

  • The information on this page is to help you make informed decisions about your visit and your individual needs. 

  • A plain text document containing all the information on this page is available to download below, or to collect at our main entrance when you arrive. 
  • If you'd like further advice or guidance before you make a booking or before you visit us, please contact us.

Warwick Castle has a fully equipped adult Changing Place located alongside the Conservatory tea house in the peacock garden. This can be accessed via a radar key. Should you not have your own key, then we can arrange for one on the day of your visit.

For further information, please contact -


Premium Parking: The car park closest to the main entrance is our Stables Car Park. This is chargeable and spaces are limited. 

Standard Parking: The Stratford Road Car Park is situated on an incline and involves approximately 10-20 minutes of walking uphill to our main entrance. The pathway is a tarmac surface that is uneven in places. 

Overflow Parking: Our Overflow Car Park is on grass and involves an uphill walk across grass and an uneven tarmac surface (approximately 20 minutes) to the main entrance. 

Blue Badge Parking: There are a limited number of disabled parking bays available on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to availability, located in both the Stratford Road and Stables Car Park. Parking charges apply and you'll need to clearly display your Blue Badge at all times. 

Drop-Off Area: We offer a Drop-Off area for those with specific needs. This option is especially useful for those visiting with mobility requirements. 

On arrival, politely make yourself known to a member of our Parking Team, who can direct you. That area is a tarmac surface, approximately 30 meters from the castle entrance.

Further information on all our car parking options and our parking charges can be found here.  

Guests who require a registered Carer are entitled to a free carer ticket. All tickets must be booked in advance of your visit, and on arrival you are required to show proof of the need for a Carer (such as a Blue Badge or a letter from DLA/Personal Independence) as a condition of use. 

We have a small number of wheelchairs available for use. These are subject to availability and are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Please do not hesitate to contact us before your visit if you require further information on our wheelchair loan service. 

Guests are encouraged to bring their own mobility aids if required. Please bear in mind that our accessible lift into The Great Hall, Staterooms and lower level of The Royal Weekend Party is not appropriate for motorised or large mobility aids.


This attraction is aimed at toddlers and primary school children and is located at various points around the castle estate. It is accessed via footpaths already in place. Some areas utilise rubber matting to help with accessing specific sections and the trail is wheelchair friendly.

  • There is an initial down hill slope (Year 1 - Learn to Fly) which is quite steep
  • Foot buttons are used to activate sounds in Year 2 (Learn to Roar)
  • Hand pumps are used to activate water effects in Year 3 (Learn to Breathe Fire)
  • There are alternative routes around the obstacle course (Year 4 - Capture a Princess) to enable all to enjoy this area
  • Sir Gadabout’s Knight School (Year 5) is accessible and takes place on grass
  • The Zog meet and greet is also fully accessible

The activity trail is interactive and uses sound effects. If you believe these could cause distress to you or a member of your party, please contact us before you book, so that we can discuss alternative options or specific times to meet your needs. 

The Horrible Histories® Maze is accessible for standard size wheelchairs.

Some areas (such as the obstacle run on exit) are not suited for those with limited mobility, however there are alternate routes within the maze available.

This attraction is open subject to weather conditions and adult supervision is recommended for children under 10 years. 

The maze uses visual and sound effects and can be busy on our popular / busier days. If you believe the special effects could cause distress to you or a member of your party, please contact us before you book, so that we can discuss alternative options or specific times to meet your needs. 

Entry to the Great Hall and Staterooms is through the Great Hall doorway. This requires climbing eleven wide and steep steps with a handrail. There is an accessibility lift available to the left of the Great Hall entrance. It is only suitable for wheelchairs and compact mobility scooters, and is not appropriate for large motorised wheelchairs and pushchairs. To operate, please ask a member of staff in the Great Hall or Courtyard Gift Shop. This lift will give you access to the ground floor of the Great Hall and Staterooms, as well as the ground floor of the Royal Weekend Party.

We have a virtual tour of the main castle building. We recommend this for anyone who is unable to navigate the castle stairs once inside. We have a dedicated wheelchair available at the top of the Great Hall steps.  Please talk to any member of our team in the Great Hall to use this wheelchair.

The majority of the Staterooms are flat and are accessible once within the Great Hall. The exit corridor has a narrow part (measuring 67cm). For this reason, if you are using a wheelchair, we advise that once you reach the end room (the Blue Boudoir) you exit the way you came - following the red walkway.

This attraction is located across two floors and includes some narrow passages and doorways. Entrance into the lower level is via the Great Hall entrance (or accessible lift). There is then a staircase up to the second floor with 26 stairs. To exit there is a spiral staircase into the Central Courtyard with 35 stairs.

There are a number of steps throughout The Kingmaker attraction. To exit into the Central Courtyard you are required to go back up either 11 or 22 steps depending on which exit is taken.

This attraction may be accessible for those with reduced mobility however it is inaccessible for wheelchair users due to the narrow doorways, steps and cobbled flooring throughout. Please be aware that this attraction has low light levels, atmospheric sounds and voice recordings throughout that could cause distress to some visitors with sensory conditions. 

If you wish to discuss accessibility or special effects further please don't hesitate to contact us before you book. 

The last four rooms of The Castle Dungeon attraction are fully accessible and are available free of charge to wheelchair users and one Carer, subject to availability. Speak to the team at The Castle Dungeon entrance for more information.

The Castle Dungeon is dark, with a steep spiral staircase, so may be unsuitable for some guests with reduced mobility or certain medical or sensory conditions. Please visit The Castle Dungeon page for further information.

Please note, you will still need to book a Castle Dungeon timed ticket if you're visiting the castle as a Carer.

All shows take place outside and are fully accessible. We recommend arriving 15 minutes before the start time of the show. We cannot guarantee seating as this is limited and comes on a first-come-first-served basis. However, we will always try to accommodate a space where you will be able to view the show.


The main pathways within the grounds are tarmaced, however we recommend guests using mobility aids or pushchairs access the Central Courtyard avoiding the original cobble stones of the Barbican by using an alternative route.

The main path to the River Island is very steep and can be difficult to navigate with wheelchairs and pushchairs. Please use the path closest to the rear of The Conqueror's Fortress as this path is less steep and easier to navigate.

Some areas are not suitable for pushchairs. Please leave pushchairs at the entrance to each area or in designated Pushchair Park.

There are four sets of toilets located across the castle and grounds. Please refer to the map for locations.

Stables Courtyard - The accessible toilet is located immediately on the right-hand side of the entrance to the female toilets. This is a unisex facility. Baby change facilities are also available.

The Undercroft - These toilets are accessed via stairs and are not wheelchair accessible. Baby change facilities are available in the female toilet. A larger family unit is located on the left between the male and female toilets.

The Conservatory - A large toilet cubicle is located immediately on the left-hand side of the entrance to the female toilets. This is a unisex facility. A larger unit is available in the male toilets, please check accessibility aids fit prior to use.

Royal Weekend Party - There is an accessible toilet at the end of the ground floor of the Royal Weekend Party attraction, near the accessibility lift. Please speak to a member of staff should you wish to access this. 

Stables Gift Shop: Located in the Stables area at the entrance and exit point. It is at ground level and fully accessible for wheelchairs.

Courtyard Shop: Located in the central courtyard. It is fully accessible for wheelchairs.

Seasonal Shops: We have a range of outlets which will only open during peak times such as the Summer holidays or weekends. Many involve steps at the entrance. Should you require assistance purchasing an item please do let a member of staff know. 

The Conservatory Tea House: This is fully accessible for wheelchairs.

The Undercroft Cafe: This area requires the use of a short but steep set of stairs with a handrail. 

Seasonal Outlets: We have a number of additional outdoor food vending units (open on selected dates/times) available to guests offering a selection of hot and cold refreshments. You are served at the front of the unit so they are suitable for wheelchairs.

Dietary Requirements: If you'd like to discuss any specialist dietary requirements prior to your visit, please contact us

Induction loops are located at various places around the site. Please look for the Induction Loop sign on display or speak to a member of the team for further assistance. 

There are a number of trained First Aiders who are happy to help. Should you require First Aid treatment during your visit please speak to any member of the team. We have a robust procedure in place for accidents and emergencies.

Registered assistance dogs are welcome to accompany guests throughout the castle and grounds with the exception of the Towers & Ramparts and The Castle Dungeon attraction. Registered Assistance Dogs must not be left unattended.

Some attractions use a variety of sensory effects including audio, visual, touch and smell; designed to enhance the overall experience of each area. Please speak to a member of the team if you would like more information regarding this.

If you require the use of a quiet area, for medical reasons, prayer or breast-feeding we have a Welfare Room available. Please speak to any member of staff and they will assist you. The entrance is not wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair but does not involve any steps. The room is deep-cleaned after use. 


We offer an online Virtual Tour of the main castle building. Please note that the ground floor is accessible for wheelchair users, although we recommend the Virtual Tour for those who are unable to navigate the castle stairs once inside the building. 

We are able offer guests with impaired vision a more accessible and intimate tour of the castle and its history. This tour has been purposefully designed to enable those with various visual impairments to access our history, explore the collection, and enjoy time in our castle interiors with a member of our History Team.

This free touch tour is available on the first Tuesday of every month. If you're interested in joining one of these please phone 01926 406663 for more information and to reserve your space. Advanced booking is essential.

We have several recommended times around the year when it's best to visit for guests who prefer a quieter experience whilst at the castle.

These are guidelines only and are subject to change depending on school holidays. Please contact us should you wish to discuss your options further. Some of these attractions are currently closed in line with the latest government guidance. You can check what's available here

Attraction Quieter Dates Quieter Times
Great Hall, State Rooms and The Royal Weekend Party

January to March (excluding
Half Term) and November (mid-week)


Towers & Ramparts, The Kingmaker and The Time Tower

January to March (excluding
Half Term) and November (mid-week)


Horrible Histories® Maze

January to March (excluding
Half Term) and November (mid-week)


The Mill & Engine House

January to March, October and November (excluding Half Terms)


The Conqueror's Fortress

January to March, and September (excluding Half Term) 



We are always looking for ways to improve our facilities where possible to help all our visitors enjoy their visit.

Warwick Castle is a Grade I Listed building which has formerly limited what we can achieve to make the castle and grounds accessible. Plans are underway to install (this year) an adult changing and accessible toilet facility to the latest modern standard. Please get in contact in advance of your visit if you require any further details of our changing facilities.



You can download a copy of all the information on this page in plain text here. Copies are also available at our main entrance, please ask a member of our team on arrival, who will be happy to provide this and any further information or support.

Download here

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Sunflower Lanyard

We are proud to support the Sunflower Lanyard scheme for those with hidden disabilities. The lanyards are a discreet way of bringing hidden disabilities to the attention of our team.

If you are wearing the Sunflower Lanyard our staff should recognise and understand that you have a hidden disability, and that you may need a little extra help or time. However, they will not know what your particular disability is, or what challenges and issues you may face. If you have specific requirements, please ask a member of our team for help. If you feel that you are unable to have a conversation with a member of staff due to your condition, perhaps consider writing down the type of help you might need so that you can hand it to them.

Due to the current Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, there is a national shortage of Sunflower Lanyards which has impacted our supply. This means we are currently unable to provide these on arrival at request, as we usually would. For more information about the scheme please visit: