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Grounds and Gardens

Conservatory View And Fountain

The Peacock Garden

The Peacock Garden is a scenic area within Warwick Castle, filled with vibrant flowers and friendly peacocks that roam freely. Visitors can take leisurely strolls along its pathways, enjoying the colourful blooms and peaceful atmosphere.

Pageant Field Lowres (1)

The Pageant Field

The Pageant Field was named after the famous Warwick pageant held in 1906 by the Earl of Warwick, to commemorate 1000 years since the conquest of Mercia by the formidable Aethelflaed. 

Throughout the year, the Pageant Field is where exciting events like jousting tournaments and concerts take place. Surrounded by the castle's historic walls, it offers stunning views of the medieval architecture and countryside beyond.

Castle Main

East Front

The East Front of Warwick Castle is an impressive and picturesque spot.

On the East Front, visitors encounter the oldest standing structure, the mound. Ordered by William the Conqueror in 1068, the mound played a crucial role in Warwick Castle's first defences during the Norman conquest. 

River Island

River Island

River Island at Warwick Castle is a fascinating location. Once used as a menagerie by Daisy Greville, it showcased a variety of exotic animals. Although it fell out of use in 1903, the legacy continues through the castle’s birds of prey, which still holds the original zoo license. Today, River Island is also home to a stunning full-scale replica Trebuchet.

The Mill & Engine House

The Mill and Engine House

The Mill and Engine House are historic structures that once powered Warwick Castle. Today, visitors can explore their fascinating history through guided tours and interactive exhibits, learning about their important role in the castle's past.


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