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Returning from 24th July 2021

Wars of the Roses LIVE!

Experience a live show spectacle like never before, complete with perilous stunt riders, fearless jousting and state of the art special effects.
KIN 2193

Choose Your Side...

Brought to you by the Knights of Middle England, witness the iconic history of the Wars of the Roses come to life before your eyes between 24th July - 5th September.

It’s 1455 and the House of Lancaster holds the English throne. King Henry VI’s crown is challenged by the House of York. The rival houses clash in battle and the bloody war that ensues was to last over 30 years.

Now you can experience the story in live-action and witness spectacular stunts, tricks and showmanship with even more special effects. Featuring ferocious horseback battles, astounding stunt riding, swashbuckling sword fighting and epic storytelling!

Will you side with the House of York and the White Rose? Or do you fall under the House of Lancaster and the Red Rose?

Check our live entertainment and shows schedule here.

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This is a must see! Absolutely won't be disappointed! Loved every minute of it!

Hayley, Facebook