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Shows at Warwick Castle

Jousting at Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle's shows are a HUGE favourite of guests, young and old. Your ticket to Warwick Castle includes access to them all.

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Here’s what’s happening at Warwick Castle today - or check the date you are visiting.

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Today at Warwick Castle, Saturday 19th August, 2017

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Wars of the Roses Live

Pledge your allegiance in an epic battle for the English throne, as you experience Wars of the Roses Live - an all-new, heart pumping, fist thumping, live-action jousting tournament.

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Plus these fantastic daily activities!

2:30pm - Flight of the Eagles

Birds of Prey Lawn

Our spectacular Birds of Prey display showcases these beautiful and powerful creatures including Vultures and Eagles flying through the Castle ramparts.

3:30pm - Wars of the Roses Live

River Island

The year is 1455 and the House of Lancaster hold the English throne. King Henry VI's crown is challenged by the House of York. The rival houses clash in battle and the bloody war that ensues was to last over 30 years...

Marvel as the legendary Wars of the Roses unfolds before your eyes, during an epic live action show!

4:15pm - Horrible Histories Wicked Warwick

Horrible Histories Stage

Get ready for Horrible Histories live on stage with a truly unique, seen-nowhere-else Wicked Warwick Show!