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The Bowman

Encounter the centuries-old art of archery like never before, as our resident Bowman demonstrates his incredible skills.
  • 19th February - 25th October 2024

"The guys doing the archery demonstrations are very skilled Bowmen. Made it look so easy!"

Phil, Nottinghamshire
Archer 31

The English Bow

It's thought that English soldiers mastered the use of the longbow during the "Hundred Years' War," where France and England battled between 1337 to 1453. The extent of the battle meant there was a shortage of Knights, and so peasants were armed and sent into the conflict.

The longbow was chosen over the crossbow. It was cheaper and easier to operate for unskilled fighters going into battle for the first time, and gradually the term "The English Bow" was adopted. 

Developed in Wales and made from elm or yew wood, "The English Bow" was more than 6ft tall and had a firing range of between 160 to 230 metres. They required considerable strength and stamina to fire effectively, with the most skilled and experienced Archers learning from a young age. 

Once trained, experienced and highly-skilled Bowmen could fire up to twelve arrows every minute. They became highly-regarded and vital during battles or an attack on the castle.


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