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Meet the History Team: Matthew Brunt

Matthew Brunt

Role: Talks and Tours Host

Started role: February 2016

What is your favourite period of history and why?

My favourite period of history is the Second World War. I grew up listening to my maternal grandfathers stories of his wartime experience, whilst at the same time watching Dad's Army sitting on his lap. I must admit I am fascinated by the scale and weapons were employed on the battlefields of Europe.

Describe your regular day at the castle.

A regular day for me is to arrive early and make sure everything is prepared for opening that is related to the History Team. The whole day is occupied with conducting tours for members of the public. When no tours occur the day is spent taking any questions. All days are certainly different but the common theme is that the job is amazing.

If you could meet one of the people from the castle’s history, who would it be and why?

I would love to meet the current Earl of Warwick, Guy Greville. My ambition would be to try and convince him to become actively involved in the castle as his family lived here for 374 years. It would be important to have his input on how his family’s collection is displayed and to discover if he has any more fascinating stories about his ancestors.

Tell us a fascinating fact that not many people know about you!

A fascinating fact about me is that I am related to the Beauchamps of Warwick. No, I am only joking. I could have signed for West Bromwich Albion football team when I was younger.


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