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The Falconer's Quest

Join Warwick’s Falconer on an epic quest of discovery to find the finest Birds in all of the land! *Only on selected dates

To ensure you have a safe experience at the Falconer's Quest show we have made a few alterations. You will be greeted by a host who will direct you to an allocated space on the viewing area. Please follow the instructions on the day and stay within your allocated zone. You'll get a great view of the birds from anywhere on the riverbank so don't worry where you are placed. Then simply look up and enjoy the show!

Please note there is a limited availability of benches in The Falconer's Quest arena. To avoid disappointment, please arrive 30 minutes before the show is due to start. 

Show Times are 12.30pm & 3:30pm

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The UK's Biggest Birds of Prey Show

Marvel at the skies overhead as high-flying birds of prey take flight!

Featuring up to 60 magnificent birds with huge wingspans of up to 9 foot, this impressive show will have you amazed as you discover wild and wonderful bird species from across the globe, including the world's fastest bird species, heaviest eagle and largest owl species, to name a few!

Join the Falconer on a quest for the finest birds in the land in an all-action, dynamic display of acrobatics, all set in a stunning riverside location in the castle grounds.

The Falconer's Quest was mesmerising, with the birds swooping around the audience

Lilley, UK