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Warwick's Royal Weekend Party

Ever wondered what a weekend spent in Victorian high society would be like? Join the Countess of Warwick and her royal guests for one of her lavish Weekend Parties.

In 1898, Frances Countess of Warwick, more affectionately known as Daisy, hosted a weekend party at which the principal guest was the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII.

Throughout 10 exquisitely designed rooms that were in fact former private apartments, wax figures of the principal attendees stand alongside authentic furniture and furnishings to help bring to life the excitement and scandal that swept through this weekend party. From seeing Daisy trying on her newly commissioned gown to a young Winston Churchill reading a book in the library, Victorian Britain is accurately recreated here.

Did you know?
Daisy was a very interesting character. She became a vegetarian, championed women’s education and stood as a Labour candidate.

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Please note, from 7th October, the Kenilworth Bedroom will be closed until 4th November.

From 14th October, the Library will be closed until 4th November

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