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Ever wondered what it would be like to walk into battle alongside a Mediaeval army?

The year is 1471 and Richard Neville, commonly known as Warwick the Kingmaker, is preparing his army for battle. Take a journey through his preparations for war and experience the sights, sounds and smells of medieval England. Today we ready our weapons, enjoy our families and make peace with God as tomorrow we fight for our lives alongside The Kingmaker.

So how did Richard Neville, become such a prominent figure during this period of history?

On 2nd March 1450, Henry VI bestowed on Richard Neville, the husband of Anne de Beauchamp, the title Earl of Warwick. History came to know him as Warwick the Kingmaker. During an increasingly fraught time in English history with the outbreak of Civil War, Neville’s family connections made him a Yorkist. His strong battle sense during the Battle of St Albans in 1455, ultimately lead to the defeat of the hapless Henry and the ascension of Edward, Duke of York, to the English throne. As a reward for his help, Warwick rose to a position of great power.

So, as the Kingmaker rallies his troops will you decide to join him in battle or run while you can?

Did you know?
Rusted armour would be polished with leather and powdered pumice to achieve a bright and smooth surface.

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