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Horrible Histories® returns!

Horrible Histories® - bigger and better for 2015!

Horrible Histories returns to Warwick Castle with all the gore and more!

BRAND NEW Horrible Histories: Wicked Warwick Live Stage Show!

Twice a day, every day until  6th September

Wicked Warwick show times are 2:00pm and 4:30pm

'one of the greatest history lessons anyone will ever have'
Stratford Herald

NEW for 2015 Horrible Histories are live on stage with a truly unique, seen-nowhere-else Wicked Warwick Show!

Can Alfred The Great’s daughter beat the Vicious Vikings?

Did the Earl of Warwick sneakily fight for both sides in the War of the Roses?

Did Guys Fawkes really steal our horses?

Will Walt Disney’s great-great-great-great-great-grandfather defeat the Parliamentarians in the Civil War?

And whatever did happen to the Earl of Warwick?

Brought to us in partnership with The Birmingham Stage Company.

Horrible Histories: Wicked Warwick NEW!

Horrible Histories: Mediaeval Mayhem

Weekends until the 18th July and then every day until 6th September

Horrible Histories® returns with a raucous, medley of Mediaeval Mayhem.

Kids of all ages can experience the gruesome sights, sounds and smells of mediaeval England, discovering the foulest and funniest bits of history along the way!

The fun never stops and imagination knows no bounds – meet a crowd of weird and wonderful characters plagued by poverty and pestilence and join in on their action-packed and gory games…history has never been so horrible!

Horrible Histories: Mediaeval Mayhem

Watch out... it's Horrible Humour time

Q. What was the Middle Ages famous for?
A. Its knight life!
Q. What was Queen Vic short for?
A. So she could touch her toes.
Q. Why didn’t Napoleon like to go out if it was windy?
A. In case he was blown apart (Bonaparte... Geddit? No? Oh never mind!)

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