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Horrible Histories Maze

Journey back in time on your Visit to Warwick Castle through the Horrible Histories® Maze
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Venture through time

Journey back in time on your visit to Warwick Castle as you uncover hundreds of years of interactive history through our Horrible Histories® Maze! The Maze will operate in a one way system, but don't worry, you'll still get to discover all the historic zones and unravel time.

Warwick Castle Horrible Histories Maze Key Visual (With Legal Line)

Get Lost In Time...

Get lost in time as you wonder through the maze and discover Horrible Histories® facts throughout the lost time periods you will explore. 

Trek back in time to the Terrifying Tudors and explore the Frightful First World War. You can storm the castle like the Stormin' Normans and you can marvel at the Measly Middle Ages. Make sure you venture through the maze like the Vicious Vikings and sneak around the corners to learn about those Slimy Stuarts!

A one way system will be in place to ensure everyone experiences the Maze safely.

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Top Tips

  • The Horrible Histories Maze is a walk-through experience combining special effects, obstacles and minor motion movements.
  • We want you to get lost! However some children may become distressed without a parent or guardian.
  • There are no age restrictions for the Horrible Histories Maze.
  • Due to uneven floors, high-heeled shoes are not permitted.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • No smoking, including e-cigarettes, eating or drinking is permitted within the Maze.
  • No pushchairs are permitted within the maze.
  • Babes in arms can be carried throughout this attraction.
  • The Horrible Histories Maze is wheelchair accessible however frail, non-ambulant and those with limited mobility should choose to avoid any routes with obstacles.
  • Registered assistance dogs are permitted within this attraction.
  • The Maze may close in adverse weather conditions or due to low light levels.
  • Emergency exits are located at various stages within the Maze, please follow directional signage.
  • Warwick Castle are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.