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Meet the History Team: Ben Kay

Ben Kay

Role: Talks and Tours Host

Started role: February 2014

What is your favourite period of history and why?

I enjoy 19th century history as it was the era of change, with the industrial revolution, empire building and the fall of the aristocracy. I like to see social history changing through time.

Describe your regular day at the castle.

I come to work and impart intriguing snippets of history from our glorious 1,103 year past. I consider the day a success when our guests leave knowing at least something they didn’t know before about the castle.

If you could meet one of the people from the castle’s history, who would it be and why?

I’d like to meet Robert Greville, 2nd Baron Brooke. I’d like to find out how, in a space of a year, he took the Midlands from a King and was one of the lead commanders in the fight against Charles I. I would also like to question him about his Puritan beliefs.

Tell us a fascinating fact that not many people know about you!

I can do a one-handed clap (if you would like to see this, please ask for a demonstration).


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