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The Castle
Special Attraction: Witness the darkest times of the Castle's History. Scary Fun recommended for over 10s.
Kingmaker It is 1450, and the Earl of Warwick prepares for war! Merlin: The Dragon
Special Attraction: Step into the Arthurian legend. Join Merlin in his quest to aide Arthur and meet the great Dragon himself.
Pageant Playground Watch the kids blow off some steam in our adventure playground. The Princess Tower Do you know someone who dreams of being a Princess? Help their dream come true… The Royal Weekend Party Ever wondered what a weekend spent in Victorian high society would be like? At the Royal Weekend Party, catch a glimpse of the secrets and scandals that were a common occurrence throughout the Castle. Unlocked Explore four centuries of secret stories in never-before-seen rooms unlocked for the first time.
  • Barbican Battlements & Captain's Room
  • Bear Tower
  • Watergate Tower
  • The Guards' Room in Guy's Tower
Unlocked Explore four centuries of secret stories in never-before-seen rooms unlocked for the first time.
  • Barbican Battlements & Captain's Room
  • Bear Tower
  • Watergate Tower
  • The Guards' Room in Guy's Tower
Unlocked Explore four centuries of secret stories in never-before-seen rooms unlocked for the first time.
  • Barbican Battlements & Captain's Room
  • Bear Tower
  • Watergate Tower
  • The Guards' Room in Guy's Tower
Unlocked Explore four centuries of secret stories in never-before-seen rooms unlocked for the first time.
  • Barbican Battlements & Captain's Room
  • Bear Tower
  • Watergate Tower
  • The Guards' Room in Guy's Tower
Ballista A life size recreation of this fearsome siege engine. Bear Tower Built in the 15th Century, named for the bears once kept there. Birds of Prey
Our amazing Bird of Prey show featuring eagles flying around the castle.
Birds of Prey Mews Take a look at our beautiful collection of birds. Boat House An idyllic setting on the River Avon. Caesar's Tower The tallest tower in the Castle - 48.8m tall! Central Courtyard The hub of the castle, watch out for castle characters, storytellers and fighting knights. Chapel, Great Hall
& State Rooms
Behind the Castle’s mighty walls you'll find grand interiors, magnificent and lavish.
Courtyard Ticket Tent
Clarence Tower Started in 1478, this tower is also known as the Royal Keep. Conservatory Built in 1768, the conservatory is an iconic centrepiece to our Peacock Garden. The East Front Your first view of the Castle. Now… are you a Yorkist or a Lancastrian? Gaol Here are the cells where poor unfortunates were left to rot. Can you read the writing on the walls? Guy's Tower Look out for the enlarged windows on the 5th floor. They were modified to take hand cannons during the Civil War! Jousting Arena
Marvel at the dramatic spectacle of the Jousting Knights.
The Mill &
Engine House
A £2 million refit restored this electricity generator to it's former glory in 2002.
The Mound The oldest part of the Castle - and perhaps the most evocative. Pageant
A great picnic spot, and the home of our special event concert stage.
Peacock Garden We have over 20 peacocks and pea hens in this formal setting. River Island Look across to the Mill House, and the Castle rising above the river.. Rose Garden Don't miss our immaculate Rose Garden, designed and built in 1868. Stables Courtyard
Your way in and out of the Castle. Book your times for the Special Attractions here.
Sword in the Stone Try to pull the sword from the stone, or gather here to hear tales of Arthur and his knights. Trebuchet The world's largest working Trebuchet… watch it spit Fireballs in 2013! The Coach House
The Georgian Coach House Restaurant serves coffee, pastries and other light meals.
Fish and Chips, drinks and light snacks. Open seasonally.
The Undercroft
Our Mediaeval Undercroft Restaurant offers a traditional British carvery, cream teas and baby bottle warming.
Kingmaker Shop A grotto of Mediaeval mementos from replica swords to beautiful tapestries. Merlin & Dungeon Shop The perfect place to pick up your Castle Dungeons and Merlin Souvenirs. The Stables Shop Everything from dresses for little princesses, to bows for future bowmen.

Map & Overview

Welcome to Britain’s Ultimate Castle! At Warwick Castle we try to deliver the Castle of your imagination, whether you’re a 6 year old princess or a 60 year old re-enactor we provide a fun, action packed day out for all the family. While we constantly work to keep experiences fresh we are always grounded by history and legend. So what makes a brilliant day out?

First, be the best!

Warwick Castle is not your average castle. It is full to the turrets with dramatic shows, interactive experiences, storytelling, demonstrations, activities and more. We learnt a long time ago that that our guests, the young and young at heart, want to do more than just look. They want to be part of the adventure.

Visit Warwick Castle and you will see great halls, beautiful landscapes; mournful dungeons and high towers - but you'll also see people having fun, laughing and being amazed. We have eleven hundred years of history, but also great battles, ancient myths, spellbinding tales, pampered princesses, heroic knights, Merlin's Dragon, and the dark Castle Dungeon.

Second, look after the basics

A brilliant day out isn't just about the attractions - it's about the things that guests need in the real world.

We work hard to get the practical details right; toilets, bottle warming, baby changing, places to run and play. These things matter - and if they aren't right then all the fireball-firing siege engines in the world aren't going to help.

Third, don't make people queue all day!

Some attractions seem to involve nothing but queuing, but we are lucky at Warwick Castle. There is so much to see and do here that everyone spreads out. Of course there are busier places but the grounds are big enough that you can always find a quiet place to sit - or a space for the kids to run.

Where there could be bottlenecks we've introduced simple timed tickets - so you can avoid waiting. This means that visitors to Merlin: The Dragon Tower, The Castle Dungeons or The Princess Tower can book their slot in advance and arrive ready to go in. Easy.

We encourage advance booking whenever possible. It's not just about getting the time you want in The Castle Dungeon of course, it also makes our lives a lot easier when it comes to planning. That's why we happily offer such big discounts to people who book online and in advance.

Fourth, show the history up close and personal

Over the years we've discovered that people love to learn - especially when they are enjoying themselves. That's why our shows mix history with spectacle, knowledge with fun. When you remember seeing our Trebuchet throw its fireball, you'll also remember how it works. That's learning by accident.

Lastly, remember what's important

We aren't a charity, but we take our stewardship of this Scheduled Ancient Monument seriously. We've spent over £6,000,000 on restoration projects over the past 10 years - without taking a penny in charity, lottery money or public grants. We're in the business of providing brilliant days out, but we're also in the business of restoration.

Every guest who visits the Castle contributes to that restoration effort. That's why we spend so much of our time asking that question - what makes a brilliant day out?


Thanks for reading. We hope to see you soon at the Castle,


The Warwick Castle Team


CV34 4QU


P.S. We weren't kidding about the big discounts for booking in advance. You can save up to 20% just by giving us a week's notice.

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Caesar's Tower at Dawn

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